Saturday, October 23, 2010

Time Flies

Wow! What can I say except that time has flown by without me realizing that I need to spend time on my blog. It was a very busy summer and now fall continues with that trend. I am thankful for the many commissions that have come my way, and have also found time to play in a friends pottery studio quite recently. Thank you to those you believe in me and my creations :)

Although it has been a busy year, it has also been a challenging one. I was without a sewing machine to make my stitched creations for five months - yikes! Also, the recession certainly has had an impact on sales and new projects that I had hoped to go forth with. This time has however made me re-think some decisions and perhaps has even forced me to delve even deeper into the creative think tank. So, I guess it hasn't been all bad. :)

These days I have been taking lots of photographs of mushrooms that exist in the forest which surrounds my home. I have also been inspired by the film Exit Through the Gift Shop in that I am back to screenprinting using primitive methods which are much more environmentally friendly. I have also taken my designs into the woods and have left impressions on the trees which have fallen or will fall in the near future. It's a great way to add a bit more character to the forest which is full of mystery and whimsy. Through this I feel like I too am a bit of a streetscape artist although my vista is within the forest realms.

Life is truly grand with all of its' ebbs and flows. It is the journey of such experiences which allow us to learn, evolve and fulfill many creative ideas. Thank you world for that :)

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