Needle Felted Art

I love the feel of freshly combed wool that I have purchased from a local sheep farmer or from the local Fibre Shop just down the hill from my studio. There is something about switching from playing with paint to that of a soft fibre - how it reminds me of feathery creatures or fluffy clouds. It's amazing how versatile this natural fibre truly is.

I often think of needle felting as a way of painting with fibre. After I have layed down the shapes and colours I will add a bit more depth and interesting lines (reminiscent of my painted pieces) by free form stitching on the sewing machine. I love random squiggles and shapes which flow throughout an image to create more movement in the piece.

Here are some examples of my needle felted art:

Blue Bird
Needle Felted & Stitched
10" x 10"(framed size)

Needle Felted & Stitched
20" x 20" (framed size)

Needle Felted & Stitched
20" x 20" (framed size)

Belly Dancing Herbalist
Created for Angie Oriana Jenkins
of Sister Lotus.
*We did a wonderful trade of art
for herbal studies. (2012)

You can view other available needle felted art by visiting:
Harvest Gallery located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. They ship internationally.

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