Thursday, June 17, 2010

International Art Exhibit in Denmark

This upcoming August, I will exhibit my work in Denmark along side the artist collective SEVEN (of which I am a member). It has taken many hours, days and a couple of years from initial idea to confirmed gallery dates AND of course, to create the actual collection of artwork. You can follow our steps by visiting our artist collective blog

I am thrilled to finally have completed my portion of the exhibit with just some final touches to prepare such as hanging wire, customs documents, etc. Lots of work still to be done, but we are all well on our way to the exhibit dates :)


Thorben said...

Hello Angela,

Just wondering if you still have the painting of a crow that I saw on display at the coffee shop in Kentville (Pulsifer's?) last fall.


ps Sorry for posting this here, but your inbox at is full.

lala and gleen said...

Hi Thorben,
I believe it was you whom I met at the Wolfville Farmers' Market today. Thank you for informing me about the full inbox (which is hopefully now remedied). That painting did sell. Birds do feature prevalently in my work, so stay tuned for more updated posts or check out my facebook fanpage at:


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