Hot Couture

There is something about the feeling of home and the art of living. I love the small home
accessories that make each daily ritual, like tea or coffee drinking, so much more special. My Hot Couture line for french presses and teapots is created using recycled wool, denim and cotton. Not only do they ensure that your hot beverages stay hot, but they also add a bit of whimsy and colour to your day. I use mine everyday and can't imagine life without them. These are a few examples of what I create. You can check out my facebook page for available pieces or contact me for specific orders.

Hand screenprinted motif on recycled denim and recycled wool. Includes an insulating layer and lining. There is a tab at the top to hang the cozy.

French Press Cozies
Made from recycled wool with a free form stitched motif and a velcro closure.

* All cozies are machine washable in cold water. Hang to dry. You can also use a steam iron to help reshape. Enjoy!

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