Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Happy Winter 2011!!

This winter we have had a ton of snow and are currently bracing for another storm as of this evening (another 30cm). There is nothing like appreciating all that white stuff by simply getting out there and enjoying every moment in it. My dog LOVES the snow and truly opens my eyes up to the many wonders of winter life. Every day we go out into the forest adorned in snowshoes or skis no matter what the temperature is. Such a great way to start of the day - fresh, crisp air and picturesque scenery. One of my favourite things to do is to follow the many snowshoe hare tracks that crisscross our well traversed paths. Hope you are enjoying winter as much as we are here at the home of Lala & Gleen!

Imprint of my snowshoes left on the deck during light snowfall. I adore my handmade snowshoes which are made of recycled materials and made in Newfoundland.
Snowshoe Hare tracks spotted during my daily jaunts through the Acadian Forest.

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wonderous woolerie said...

I love the way you work with colours on your photos, it makes the fairies, creatures, inspirations and the specialness of your daily jaunts with pooch extra visible!

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