Sunday, December 11, 2005

Winter Hits Whoville

Ah.....the sleepy, wintery silence of the quaint little town I like to call Whoville (also known as Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada). I decided to take a wee winter jaunt with Gleen while slipslidding our way downtown to check out the movie selection. I must say, that although winter does not top the charts for favourite season of the year....I do become somewhat nostalgic during that first snowstorm.....the feeling of being all warm and cozy inside while basking in the silence of snow falling - it just seems oh so right. And of course, waking up to a beautiful sun shiney day in the morning...what can I is good!

Our kitchen overlooks this amazing view of our quiet neighbours (it's a beautiful cemetary that often reminds me of Scottish Vistas in the spring and summer time). Lots of folks from town travel through the cemetary on their way to and from work or school each day. I love sipping my coffee in the moring and watching all of the people who walk by. If you check out my website at you will see that a lot of my handbags have been photographed on this very iron fence.

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