Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Brown Critter" was created by Peter Rafuse. He lives a mere hop, skip and jump from my place to his. I spotted this piece at the Lunenburg Folk Art Festival in 2005. It was simply so0o0o0o odd and peculiar...that I just had to have it....and the name of course, says it all.

"Peter Rafuse started carving in 1991. He is 54 years old. He was born and raised on Melanson Mountain. His neighbour, folk artist Garnet McPhail, taught him how to carve. His first carvings were small and medium-sized pigs. He showed them to Garnet who thought he was talented and recommended he continue with the hobby. He looked at pictures in magazines and made things his own way. Peter carves many different animals, birds and people.
Peter uses a power hand saw, knives and many other tools. He carves in the spring, summer and fall. He doesn't carve in the winter because it is too cold. It makes him very happy when he hears that people like his work.
Peter's wife Lisa helps paint the carvings. They both communicate using sign language. They attend the Lunenberg Folk Art Festival which has helped them gain confidence with communication. Peter and Lisa now have their work in galleries in Nova Scotia and Toronto" (artists bio taken from the website of From the Heart Folk Art).

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