Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flora found at the home of Lala & Gleen

I LOVE spring ~ watching the garden grow and the flora and fauna in the woodlands that surrounds my home. It happens every year....and every year I am amazed at the beauty and sheer capability of mother nature to show off the many colours, textures, smells and sounds!!! It's exciting really ~ especially if you just stop to take it all in :)

The glorious chives ~ one of the first things to flower in my herb garden. It's always so fun to go outside with scissors in hand and cut them so I can use them in a fresh spring salad!! Life is a glorious thing.

These are the beautiful wild orchids (or Ladyslippers as we call them in Nova Scotia) that I find as I walk through the woodland trails in June. They are everywhere and each one has its own unique markings. The flowers peek up from the ferns while walking or biking along the trails. They are stunning!!! 

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