Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Uncommon Common ARt (Project #2)

This sculptural tree bower was a collaboration with myself and my lovely neighbours. We created this piece around a cluster of trees already in existance which also had a little stump in the middle ~ perfect to stand on!!!

We started by wrapping the trees with chicken wire, and then used locally grown cut saplings to create a basket structure. We hand wove and tied beautifully coloured wools from a local fibre artist. We also added old man's beard, feathers and greenery to fill it out.

If you are in the Wolfville area (of Nova Scotia) and would like to see this in person, pick up a local map called Uncommon Common Art 2009. These maps will be ready and availble in June. Hope you have a chance to see what our Annapolis Valley artists have been up to with their art creations for public spaces. Enjoy*

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