Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Remembering Helen Hill

Today I was told the news of artist Helen Hill. It's a sad story. I'm not quite sure what to say except that I have only fond memories of her and Paul in Halifax. I never really knew them well, they just lived on the same block in the North End where I lived. Every morning we would greet each other as either Helen or Paul would walk their pot belly pig. Helen was most definitely a very caring, warm and kind character. I was happy to live in such a great neighbourhood with such creative and inspiring people!

I also had the pleasure of being in Halifax at the time the band Piggy was creating a buzz in the Halifax music scene. They would often be playing at the annual Earth Day Festival or other such venues as a donation to the cause and to spread the word on how we all as individuals in this society could work together to make the world a better place - environmentally, socially and politically. "My Pink Bike" remained a true musical favourite of mine for many years...and kept me thinking of home when I lived elsewhere.

Halifax greatly missed the inspiring couple and their little pig when they decided to venture elsewhere and to inspire others with such kindness, creativity and sheer passion for life!

Halifax will be remembering Helen Hill through a memorial gathering in the North End on January 13th. For further information, please check the link below.

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