Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kensington Market Graffitti

While I was hanging out in Kensington Market in Toronto last week....I came across this collaged graffitti'd wall. I love the texture of old posters with stencilled bits on top.

The following day, I signed up for a crash course workshop with Gleen (my partenaire extaordinaire) and my very creative and multi-talented friend Janesse. We spent the afternoon learning all about the encaustic process which included elements of collage, painting, creating moulds, and layering wax to achieve a more 3D surface. Very fun indeed. We took the course at C1 artspace with Sandra Tarantino (artist/teacher). She's fabulous and very knowledgeable......and I highly recommend taking a class from her. You can check out the class schedule at:

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