Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Graffiti'd market stands

I love graffiti - the colourful, whimsical and playful images that say nothing more than hey...maybe this is better than what already existed...and in essence does say something about the culture in which it is found. This photo is of a fruit stand in the market in Amsterdam. Most parked caravans displayed a wide range of artistic talent and colour palettes. This one was by far my favourite.

"As graffiti has begun to find its way from its original urban locations to the walls of galleries and museums, the question of vandalism and graffiti as an art form has provoked endless controversy, raising such questions as whether vandalism can be considered art or whether graffiti can be considered graffiti if they are made legally. The simplified imagery of graffiti has also become attractive to certain professional fine artists -- the work of the late Keith Haring in particular became "legitimized" as it moved from New York's subway walls to the walls of galleries and private collectors in the USA."

"Graffiti personalize de-personalized space, construct landscapes of identity, make public space into private space, and act as promoters of ethnic unity as well as diversity. Graffiti can be understood as concrete manifestations of personal and communal ideologies which are visually striking, insistent, and provokative; as such, they are worthy of the continued attention of art historians, social scientists, and policy makers alike." (from the Dictionary of Art)

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