Friday, April 28, 2006

Bike trip to North Carolina

A couple of weeks ago my partner Gleen, our friends Liz and Cory and I decided that it would be oh so great to hop on our bikes in warmer climates and really enjoy spring in the outdoors. Well, we ended up at Nantahalla State Park in North Carolina to do a few off-road trails. Of course, being in the car way too long, I felt the urge to hop onto the bicycle shadow to get the body in motion!

Here we are in our gear, just getting ready for our first ride. It was very warm outside and we were introduced to a few hills immediately at the trail head - so a few layers were shed along the way.

Hmmm....have I ever mentioned that I have a huge and irrational fear of snakes??? Well, we were greeted by this one on one of our rides. At first we thought it was a copperhead rattlesnake....but upon further investigation we think it is another species. Any ideas? Let us know how stupid we were to hang out with this reptile for a lot longer than we probably should have.


angela said...

EWWWWW it is huge i would have been screaming like a little girl......

Anonymous said...

hey...tht looks like a rattlesnake. not a good one to buddy up to.


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