Friday, April 21, 2006

Art*O*Mat Vending Machines

The genious man, Clark Whittington of North Carolina, USA came up with the concept of turning old cigarette vending machines into art vending machines. Each machine is full of art by various artists who consign their work through a group called Artists in Cellophane. The art in the vending machines change from one location to another......and you only have to insert one artomatic token which costs a mere $5 to receive your very own Artomat treasure. The pieces range from paintings and drawings, to sculpture, textiles, zines and more. From my experience, the treasure is not only the art itself, but the sheer fun of tracking down these fine vending specimens in very random locations. Some of the machines are totally "Pimped Up" while others showcase a more conservative look. You can certainly see many more examples of these at Fill your boots....and heck, take a road trip for thousands of kilometres on an Artomat adventure......that's what I did.....oh did I mention I have an obsession???


angela said...

it says there is 0 comments - but I left a comment!!! where is it? I wanted to see the art you got from the machine

Steph said...

I second Angela's vote - show that art!

YAY! Art-O-Mat!

Can we get one in Nova Scotia?

Sarah said...

i heard they were getting one of these in vangroovy...i'll have to check it out!

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