Saturday, March 12, 2005

Wolfville's Bountiful Harvest

Okay, so0o0o as part of my life as an artist...I also work in an art gallery. It's a wonderful treasure to behold in such a small, creative and vibrant town. I love this opportunity to meet the artists and to see some of their work in a very inspiring and eclectic venue. I even get to have some of my own work here too!!!! The gallery has a varied collection of abstract, folk, and landscape paintings to sculpture, printmaking, photography, ceramics, textiles and jewellery. Most of these artists artists are either from or currently reside in Nova Scotia and an astonishing 65% of them are from the Annapolis Valley area!!! No wonder there are s0o0oo0 many artists in this a land of much beauty, inspiration and creativity!!!

To check out some of the work at Harvest Gallery go to:
The site is currently under construction but you can follow the links to view the talent!!

I think there should be more venues for artists to display their talents, works, wears/wares. If you are interested in starting an artist's coop....please drop me a comment. I have been searching for other textile artists who would love to share a studio/boutique space which may also function as a space for evening workshops. The world is our oyster....and the salty breeze from the Bay of Fundy remind me of that very treasure I love this little piece of paradise!!

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