Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sneak Peek of Exhibit

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In mid-autumn when the air grows colder and the nights longer, comes the hunter moon. Autumn is the time to reap the benefits from the long days of summer. Food is plentiful. In preparation for the coming long nights much of it is preserved and put away, but there are still the feasts. A carpe diem celebration of the bounty brought by the sun and the animals that give their lives. We think it is important to acknowledge and honour these gifts. When we do, we put an end to industrial farming and factory-produced animals. We regain in our health and enjoyment of the things that really make life good.

Ceramic artist (Tracy Horsman) and painter (Angela Melanson) reconnect with the cycle of life and death, celebrating the rhythms of hunting and foraging. This body of work includes limited edition vessels for enjoying the feast and embracing some of the ancient food traditions like tonics and ales and paintings inspired by our fellow omnivores and the bountiful Acadian forest.

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Lala and Gleen said...

Artwork & display by Tracy Horsman and Angela Melanson. Photo collage by Angela Melanson.

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