Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Forest Exploration with my dog

Every day my dog and I go on a daily jaunt through the Acadian forest which surrounds our home. We listen to the bird songs, call of the owls and occasional coyotes while watching the various flora grow and fade away each season. It is on these daily jaunts where I figure out solutions to problems, discover something new in nature, work on getting over my fear of snakes and of course enjoy the incredible happiness of my dog. Her tail is like a butterfly that never stops moving - even if we've walked on the same trail 364 previous days throughout the year. She is an inspiration for my very being and teaches me to enjoy each and every day and the moment for what it is. She's even a muse for some of my artwork.

Spring Snake (harmless yet still sends my adrenalin a go-go). To get over this silly fear, I have decided to just get right in there and discover the beauty of snakes through a camera lens.

My pooch enjoying the ponds which have developed under the trees which were uprooted in the storm we had this past November.

One of the latest paintings I have created for an upcoming solo show at Harvest Gallery to be held at the end of May.

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