Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Painting Workshop in New Mexico

Just got back from my art trip to New Mexico and Texas. I attended a painting workshop with my all time favourite artist Jesse Reno ~ he rocks!!!! It's been one day since my arrival back home and i'm already in my studio painting a way. You can check out Jesse Reno's work by visiting Not only is he an incredible artist but he incorporates his life philosophy to his style of painting. If you have a chance to take a workshop I would highly recommend it. His partner Lana (the far left) is also a highly talented artist and you can check out her creative line by visiting

Here is a painting that is a work in progress ~ this is the piece I was working on during the workshop. I will post another photo when this one is complete.


Anonymous said...

Wicked! How many people get to meet and take a workshop with their all time fav??

Ang said...

oh ohhh - I see a new logo being necessary to match your new paintings!!!!!!!
heh heh
I wish - it's just cause I want more free art. heh heh... Going to buy the frame tomorrow after we splurge on the $1.00 breakfast....

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