Monday, January 19, 2009

Sara Caracristi - A Talented Nova Scotian Artist

I recently did a trade with an artist (who's work I have admired for a couple of years now). Her name is Sara Caracristi.  She creates paintings which often depict angled views and "aerial" vantage points of people doing their everyday commutes and getting to point A to point B. Often these city dwellers are walking in crowds, are on a beach with umbrellas or simply strolling somewhere and by some means - by foot, by bicycle, etc.

Sara is an artist who resides in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. You can view her work at these galleries online or visit the galleries in person: Argyle Fine Art Gallery and Trinities Gallery. 

The surface texture and sheen that Sara creates within each piece is also a technique which truly must be viewed in person. If you have the opportunity to see her work - it's a must!!!

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