Monday, October 27, 2008

Nederland - Hunt for the Paddestoelen

I was recently in the Netherlands and had several quests to complete while I was there. I was determined to find the gorgeous red coloured paddestoelen known to be houses for small blue creatures and other folkloric, gnome-like characters (Kabouters).

I was fortunate to find a patch of these mushrooms while strolling through a park in Tilburg, NL with my mother and Tante Gre (a smoking nun who is also an artist!!!).

I'm in LOVE with these.....and every kitschy thing they have made their way onto the surface of...whether it's textiles, ceramics, housewares, even furniture. I'm so0o0o0o0o inspired by the collective cheezyness....and know that they will make an appearance in my own art creations!!! Ah....the always inspires me in many ways - the food, bicycles, my relatives, the lifestyle, vistas, and the many camels hanging out in corn fields - who knew??? 

Gezelligheid (my favourite Dutch word)

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