Friday, January 04, 2008

Media Coverage of SEVEN

Some of the media coverage our group SEVEN has received over the past month. This exerpt is taken from the website

Friday Focus from Carrie & Danielle
Why Friday? Most of us have more mental space as the week winds down. Let this idea stir within you over the weekend and work it into your intention for the new week...
Word up, up and away…
In January ‘07, we offered a Friday Focus that encouraged you to pick a few words to signify your intentions for the New Year. Here’s an excerpt:
Every New Year we choose words as the theme or experience we want for that year….
THIS NEW WEEK: Choose your words for the year – one or two audio gems to plug into your heart as an added bass beat. Sometimes you need to claim your word like a brass ring of promise, other times it will float into your mind and feel just right when it gets there.

Some women artists in Halifax took that seed of inspiration and ran with it in a big way. They grew it into an art gallery show entitled Seven, in which each of them offered up their own words and artwork. Their words and phrases were: Speak, Divine Trash, Earthen and Urban: Sitting on the Fence, Coin, Passing, Serendipity, and Blue Moon.
They joined together for creative companionship throughout the year and witnessed the creation of: felted crones, silver crocheted hyperbolic spaces, hand-spun wool transformed into tapestries, copper inlaid coins, photographic moments made universal in grids, texture-rich canvases and poems. As they did so, they were further influenced and inspired by each other, so that the complete collection of works is intimately interconnected.
They produced 49 pieces of art. The national press took notice. For many of them, this was their first art show.

THIS WEEK, take your pick:
Determine your word(s) for 2008.
Symbolize your words in visual or audio form. This can be as simple as making a collage, downloading an image to your computer desktop, or creating a playlist on your iPod that reminds you of your 2008 aspirations. You could also collect meaningful objects and create an altar or a vignette on a shelf or mantle.
Form a creative companion group. Meet monthly to make art together.
Pick up a copy of Julia Cameron’s The Artist's Way, and put creative exploration at the top of your priority list.
Make a secret or well-announced plan to show off your creativity this year. This could be as simple as enlarging your best digital shots and giving them choice placement in your home. Or you could plan an art show — in a local gallery or a small cafĂ©. You could do a performance of any sort – muster the courage to sing some Joni Mitchell at a summer campfire, grab the Karaoke mic and give ‘er all you’ve got, do a striptease for your honey, or invite your friends to your Tango recital.
So much can come of a word. Like … Creativity (noun): the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships; to create meaningful new ideas and forms.

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