Monday, May 28, 2007

Dutch City Bicycle by Jorg&Olif

My Dutchie friend in Vancouver recently informed me of a cool company in BC which now sells the Dutch City Bicycle. Check out their website at I would love to ride to the farm market on my bright orange city bike with a basket full of fresh tulips, gouda and a scrumptious baguette!!!

"The jorg&olif city bike is the real thing. When it comes to proven technology and design, this cherished Dutch classic takes the koek. It's sensible and stylish, and remains the most popular way to get around Holland. Inspired by classic design, but thoroughly in-tune with modern living, the jorg&olif city bike has been re-designed for North American cities (hint, we have hills here) without compromising the original European aesthetic. Whether it's a casual trip to the market, a smart downtown business meeting, or simply taking Spot to the park, the jorg&olif city bike looks great with just about anything."

The photo above is from the Jorg and Olif website. LOVE the red colour!!!!!

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