Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Surfing in Maui - YiPpEe!!!!!

Heehee......it's Lala surfing in Maui. The guys at the Surf Shack guaranteed that I would be up on the board in a mere few minutes.....and they were right. I have always dreamed of being a surfer and if I had my life to live over this is what I always wanted to do - mind you....I imagined myself surfing through the amazing tubes of gargantuan waves!!! Anyway, I rode the waves a few times and can now say I "surfed". Maui was a part of the tail end of my fabulous trip with Gleen!!!!! I love adventure and trying out new things.


Minou said...

HOLY SMOKES. you've been busy. Welcome back to the dreary world of the working class!
how does maui fit into utah, nevada and all them?

Mark Bates said...


It was nice to hear from you. Last time we saw each other was in Frenchy's outside of Bridgetown. Things are good in NB.

I've been seconded from teaching in my Grade 5 classroom to the District Office this year to mentor. It's been excellent.

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