Monday, August 07, 2006

Folk Art by Nova Scotian artists

These two wooden carvings are the new pieces that I have added to my folk art collection. The first is a crow carved by Brian Fancy. His biography is as follows: Brian Fancy was born in Caledonia, Nova Scotia moving to Liverpool at 14 or 15 years of age. He was a truck driver for 33 years. He started carving about 20 years ago. He carves: people, birds, beavers, bears, dogs, cats and other animals. His wife Carol, helps Brian by painting his birds and figures, he paints the animals. Brian has been featured in The Chronicle Herald in Halifax. His work can be found in galleries and craft stores in Lunenberg, Hubbards and Toronto. ( Borrowed from From the Heart Folk Art Gallery Website).

This next piece is by Craig Naugler, the son of Bradford Naugler. It's easy to see how he has been influenced and even inspired by his father and uncles - a true folk art family!

Naugler was born in 1973 in Bridgewater, N.S. He is is the son of renowned folk artist Bradford Naugler. Craig has worked as a cook and is presently a bread baker. He began carving about 10 years ago after watching his dad. Craig has created his own style of carving. He makes animals, birds, and people. He has sold his work to collectors in the U.S., Germany and Canada. Craig's work can be found in galleries in New York City, Montreal, Toronto and Lunenberg. (From the Heart Folk Art Gallery website)

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