Sunday, July 30, 2006

Nova Scotian Summer

There is something about the end of July - it always makes me realize that half of the summer has gone by. I am faced with a sudden realization that the beautiful hot summer days that I longed for during the winter....are now passing day by day and that my list of summertime activities needs to be looked at with more urgency. I must not let the opportunity pass me by without indulging in everything that I love about the season. Nova Scotia has had a bountiful crop of blueberries this I spent an afternoon with friends filling up on the delightful fruit.

I also spent time in my garden admiring the many flowers that inspire me to paint. What can I say? I love beautiful things and beautiful colours......

After picking several pounds of blueberries my friends and I indulged in ice cream while admiring the many beach goers at Kingsport beach. The tide was high and the clouds were glorious. I have no idea who these two women were but I love it that they were enjoying a good chat while wading in the refreshing waters of the Bay of Fundy. This image reminds me of one that Alex Colville (the famous Canadian painter who actually resides in Wolfville) would paint. Perhaps it's the colour palette and the simplicity of the image - depicting everyday life in Nova Scotia. I love thee!!!!!

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Steph said...

A very rude bug ate the top off one of my purple coneflowers. The rest haven't bloomed yet. I live in hope.

I thought of Alex Colville before I even read your description of the photo!

Hope you're having a great summer!

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