Thursday, June 01, 2006

Betty Bag

This is one of the Betty bags that I create out of recycled and felted wool with a glistening layer of organza on top. Isn't it fun?? I love these bags!!! They take me a long time to make but I am always smilin' when I finish one......because I love colour....and really that's what they're all about.

All of these bags are one of a there will never be any two alike! I also hand produce each bag in a rockin' sweat shop free studio with enough space for me to dance and sing as I make each creation!

You can find these beautiful Bettys at Harvest Gallery in Wolfville, NS; Moorings Gallery in Mahone Bay, NS; Magpie in Boston, Mass.; Johnny Ruth in Newfoundland and a new up and coming tea shop boutique in Cape Breton (more info to follow in the next few weeks). You can also check out others from my online shop at Enjoy!!!

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