Monday, May 01, 2006

I am twitterpated by the T@B!!

Hmmm...not sure where I have been? I just came across these RV beauties the other day on my quest for a Boler. The t@b certainly makes me rethink my dream quest and roadtripping plans. These compact, funky little abodes are a sight to behold!!! Perhaps, I should be like the red paper clip guy and trade my way to one of these? For now though, I think I will follow my initial thoughts on the Boler. I do love it that this gentleman is hanging out with a piece of art! How apropos!! So, on this note....if anyone knows of a Boler or a t@b for sale......let me know! I need to find one within the that I can fulfill my roadtripping, creative fanfare dreams!!!! You can find these beauties at And if you are curious and haven't yet heard of the paperclip trade, check out:


ang said...

i saw those sitting on the side of the highway in saskatchewan. I really wanted them too! They were new for sale though so probably not the bargain you are looking for. I even made my mom pull over so I could peer in the windows and look closer. I hope you find one.

ang said...

my sister just bought one - HATE HER! Don't know what color it is. She doesn't even know we covet them.

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