Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend Retreat in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

This past weekend I was whisked off to Cape Breton to experience a Women's Outdoor Adventure Weekend. I took several workshops which included ice fishing. It was really great to experience some outdoor activities which I have never tried before. Ice fishing was definitely my most favorite thing to do....and surprisingly, I may just be willing to get out there again sometime and try it on my own. I was hoping to get a shot of me carrying my oh so colourful handbags....but you know, it was so0o0o0o cold out there that I could really only concentrate on staying warm. Yes, there are definitely times when fashion and colour simply do not matter!!! Ah, Cape Breton - how I love thee!!!

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katzilla said...

Looks like the wild womens outdoor weekend rocked! I will have to try out the ice fishing sometime....might teach me some oh so needed patience.

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