Thursday, January 12, 2006

Nova Scotia Folk Art

As you know, I have announced by adoration of Nova Scotian Folk Art in my various posts. What can I say....I simply can't get enough. The colour, sheer humour and quirkiness of each of these pieces always gets a little chuckle out of me as I pass by them scattered throughout the house. I have met each artist personally and have gotten to understand why it is that they create what they do. You really just have to view the film "Folk Art Found Me" to fully grasp the lifestyle and whimsical characters who create these stunning pieces. This particular piece, I like to refer to as the spotted bird on a post was created by Mitchel Fancy.

"Mitchell Fancy was born in Queens County, Nova Scotia. He is the grandson of folk artist Ray Fancy and the son of Larry and Joanne Fancy, also folk artists. Mitchell started carving in late 2002. He attended his first N.S. Folk Art Festival in 2003. He grew up watching his parents and grandparents carve and paint. He has developed his own style, using lots of bright colours in his work. Mitchell is a journeyman machinist by trade during the day and artist by night. He presently lives in Lunenburg County. Mitchell's pieces can be found in collections in both Canada and the U.S". (taken from website of From the Heart Folk Art).

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